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Updates from Classmates in the Class of 1967
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Diane Hughes Satterfield


What a wonderful surprise to get to work this morning and find your email!

This one worked. I changed net_angel to quite a few years ago because I was getting so much spam at net_angel, plus I am no longer a net angel.

Linda told me originally that the reunion was going to be Thanksgiving weekend and I had planned to come. I have a thing about long trips (not that 5 ˝ to 6 hours is that long) and two day weekends and I kept procrastinating sending a response to the invitation. I also thought I would call the former Cindy Keyes who lives in Havana and ask if she would like to go together. But I never got around to doing that either. I’m sure that if my mother were still alive and in Sebring that I would have not hesitated. I haven’t been in touch with Linda about it either.

I work for the legislature now (as a computer programmer) and they will be in session this week and next—can you believe it? They already ruin our springs, so now they’re starting on the rest of the year. Anyway, they frown on us being gone during session, so even if I had already asked for an extra day or two off to go to the reunion, they might have canceled it. But I didn’t and they certainly wouldn’t give it to me now.

I didn’t know that Highlands County had a “day” here during session although I probably should know that. They pretty much keep me locked away across the street from the Capitol. We get emails about some of the “days”, but not all of them. Maybe we can get together if you get up here for the next one and have some time.

I’m sure the reunion will be wonderful and I will regret not being there. I really enjoyed the 20th and it was great seeing everyone again and catching up.

Thanks for sending the email!


Jean Crist Willis

Well it seems as though I will not be able to make the reunion. As you know my mom stays with me about 75 % of
the time and she is here now. I have commitments at work that are making it to where I will not be able to get there in time on Friday.
I moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1976. After moving to Tampa I didn't work for about 11 years and spent that time being involved in whatever my two sons were doing. Then I went to work and for the last 16 years I have been the Credit Manager for a Ceramic Tile Distributor. As most of you know the construction industry in Florida is having it's ups and downs right now so I stay very busy.
Over two years ago I sold the house I had lived in for 25 years and built a home in Land O Lakes beside my oldest son Tommy and his family, wife Jessica and children Katlyn and Zachary. Boy, it is great to live next door to your grandkids. Tommy owns his own Fleet Truck repair shop on the west side of Tampa and is a Hot Air Balloon pilot. Now that's fun!!!!!! You should all try that!
My youngest son Jason and wife Amy live in Nashville and Jason is with the Tennesseean Newspaper. He is a drummer and guitarist so Nashville had other draws for him.
Most of my off time is spent either playing with the grandkids, helping with the ballooning or quilting. If anyone is ever in the Land O Lakes area please come by, the coffee pot is always on.
Have a great time and put pictures up so all of us not able to attend can enjoy some of the fun.
Thanks to all of those who put so much time and effort into organizing and preparing for everyone.
See Ya!!
Jean Crist Willis
813-918-4498 cell



Grady Curl

I have been planning on coming to this reunion for almost a year. Now that we are within three days, I am being sent to our California plant on Friday to supervise the installation a new piece of equipment over the weekend. I really love this aspect of my job. I will miss seeing all of you. We don't do this very often and we are getting old, at least that is what my three adult children tell me.
My wife and I have been married for 33 years, have two boys and one girl, one is married, one is engaged and one I don't think will ever get married. We enjoy the outdoors living in Augusta Georgia for the last 9 years.
When I left SHS I went to U of F and graduated in 1971. I spent 5 years in the Army in Germany and Virginia. I got out as a Captain and got into the battery business as a plant engineer in 1978 and have been working there for 29 years at 4 different companies in 4 different states. We will retire in Augusta since we both love to fish and we have a 77,000 acre lake almost in our back yard. The golf is not too bad and we are just far enough from Atlanta, although they are moving our way.
As to my health, I am looking at double knee replacement within two years. I lost an eye in the military from a ricochet bullet, and a back that acts up every now and then, other than those few things everything else still works, I hope for another 30 years or so. Both my parents still live in Sebring in the same house where I grew up.
I wish all of you safe travel and a great weekend, I will miss you all.
If you are ever in Augusta call and come by. We have plenty of room, food, drink and southern hospitality. (706)267-1436


Susan Stephens Bayless


Dear Gaylin, Mot, Mickey , Barbara, Gene and everyone else that has worked on this reunion,
I have to finally give up and say that I won't be able to come. I have had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder blade area for weeks and after two shots of cortisone, I'm still in a lot of pain. I have another appointment with my doctor on Friday after school to see if we can find out what is going on. I've loved hearing from and about all of you and maybe I'll bump into you when I'm visiting my parents in Sebring. I hope you have a fantastic time. If you have a group picture, I would love to buy one. I'll miss you all.

Susan Bayless

Charles Campbell


Hello from Naples, Florida
Charles (Chuck) Campbell here, formerly from Lorida. After graduation I worked as a cowboy in the Lorida – Sebring area for 1 year while I attended South Florida Jr. College.
Uncle Sam needed my help in fighting for freedom and the American way in S. Vietnam. After 3 years in the Army I returned to Highlands County and started working with the Sheriff’s Office in 1972 as an EMT/Deputy. I married a Lakeland lady by the name of Margaret Jones who was a choir director at the Methodist Church in Avon Park. I went to work for the Avon Park Police Dept. as a beat cop.
We eventually moved to Palmdale where I worked for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission as a wildlife officer (squirrel sheriff). Then we moved to Naples in September of 1977. I have worked as a road patrol officer, homicide investigator, crime scene investigator, Traffic Homicide/DUI enforcement and as an agricultural crimes investigator. I have 30 years with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and as soon as my youngest son of 3 quits bleeding me dry I’ll retire.

Steven Eugene Byars who lived in Bluff Hammock (Kissimmee River) outside of Lorida was killed in action in Vietnam in Da Nang in 1969. He was a Marine and was drafted at the same as I was. His name is on the Vietnam veterans war memorial in Washington, DC.

Donald Huter died working at the Sebring Power Plant in 1973 (approximately).

I’m not sure I will be able to attend the bar-b-que at Highlands Hammock State Park on Sat.

Thank you,



Michael Glisson

Seems like you and the team have worked so hard to make this reunion a great event. I regret that I probably will not be able to attend due to some business conflicts that have come up. I really hate to miss it. There are so many memories about this class and the generation we grew up in. As Jimmy Buffet song goes, “some of it was tragic, some of it was magic, but it’s been a good life all the way.”
I know all of us at some point have realized that during our generation the world literally took a 90 degree turn. The Beatles, man on the moon, assassinations of our country leaders, Vietnam, hippies (groovy, man!) and so much more. The songs still play today.

I sometimes think we were the luckier of most generations. We didn’t face the issues that future generations have had to endure, and while life seemed more complex at the time I guess it was relatively simple. It was a very good time!

I hope all are well, and for maybe just the weekend still as young at heart as we were back then.
My Best to you all!

Sandi Taylor Huster


I regret that I can't make the reunion. I'm in a new job and getting settled into a new home. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to Sebring. Please say hello to the Class of 1967 for me! I hope the reunion is a huge success!

Best wishes, Sandi”
3337 Marcus Pointe Blvd.

Pensacola, FL 32505


Susan Stephens Bayless

Hi Everyone,
After graduation I attended Southern Virginia college for Women and after two years transferred to and graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens. I loved Athens, it is so beautiful, and still have friends there but have Gator blood in my veins. Some things can't be changed. I live in Tampa and am still teaching Kindergarten. I truly love it (most of the time), as Kindergarten is more like first grade now and I get true satisfaction from teaching the little ones how to read. I have two wonderful children, Katie 31 and John Hill 25 and one beautiful granddaughter, Merrill Anne, 8 years old. katie graduated from USF. How about those Bulls beating Auburn? Katie is part owner, and Director of Training of a company called XCEPT. She also lives in Tampa. She travels all over but I see her and my little granddaughter often. John Hill is with Caldwell Banker in the Lake Ocone resort area in Georgia. He got his Real Estate license his junior year and graduated Magna Cum Laude in business and finance from the University of Florida in 2005. Am I bragging? I'm just so proud of them both! Both were much better students than there Mama was!!! I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. It seems like yesterday that we had our 20th. Wow, how old are we anyway? See you all soon.
Susan Stephens Bayless
10362 Carrollwood Lane
Unit 213
Tampa, Florida 33618


Joy Eastman: 

More from Joy regarding attire for the Watering Hole:  I have a feeling that more of you have maintained your girlish figures and come-hither demeanor than I. As for me, clean is good. I have a feeling that whatever we have on, what we will notice more is the smile and the memories of our friendships from years gone by. So if you will please take the responsibility of being drop dead gorgeous, I'll be exceptionally pleased to appreciate the efforts you took. But seriously, it has been so fun to read your letters of how your lives have unfolded. 


Me, I teach at Sebring Middle school - ESE, and guitar. My son is a senior, active in our church youth group and we both earned Black Belts in Eskrima and Philippino stick fighting martial art. He also has been invited to instruct in Silat ( kind of like Karate, just more artistic in form). I wandered for years, but made full circle for a time. Not exactly what I vowed at graduation, but many blessings have ensued upon return. One way to keep me here.  It will be good to learn who you are now, face to face.
Until we meet again.

My email address has changed from to Please update your records.


Diane Clements Hill: 

Hi everyone! After graduation, I attended Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN with Joy Pearce and Betty Ann Emerson.  I met my husband, Tom Hill, our junior year and we were married after graduation.  Tom is originally from Greer, South Carolina.  Tom and I celebrated our 36th anniversary this year.  We live in Sebastian, FL on the east coast (near Vero Beach) and have two grown daughters and one 12 year old grandson.


Our oldest daughter, Marianne, lives in Fairhope, AL with her husband, Jason Turner.  Fairhope is Jason's hometown and is just across the bay from Mobile.  We tell people that Marianne lives in L.A. - Lower Alabama.  She is expecting their first baby in March.  She said that she and Jason couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces all day when she had her first ultrasound.  Marianne is 33 and is an x-ray therapist.   


Our younger daughter, Rhonda, is 31, divorced and lives in Palm Harbor just north of Clearwater.  She works for the Lexus dealership in Clearwater.  Her son, Nicholas, is 12 and just started 7th grade.  He plays trumpet in the band and wants to play in the Gator band at U.F. someday.  He spent the summer with us, so I signed him up for trumpet and tennis lessons.  Growing boys need something to do besides play video games all day!  I bought him a couple of Siamese fighting fish (betas) this summer and I even missed the fish (Chandler and Ross) when he took them home with him a few of weeks ago. 

I am currently enjoying being a housewife.  I resigned my job as a legal assistant to a real estate attorney in Sebastian, FL.  I've had one surgery a year for the last three years.  The first surgery took eight hours for two doctors to do five procedures.  Working for an attorney was just too stressful after that!  It took a long time to fully recover from that one!  I have signed up for a Microsoft Word class through the local community college (I used Word Perfect in the past) and will probably look for a new job later this fall.   


Tom works for the Florida Farm Bureau as an assistant director of field services and he just loves his job.  He covers seven counties in eastern and central Florida.  In fact, he coordinated a teacher workshop (Ag in the Classroom) in Brevard County recently.  Agriculture is used to teach just about any subject - math, science, analitical thinking, geography, social studies, language arts, health, history, etc. Tom is on the state board of advisors for Ag in the Classroom and is frequently in Gainesville for their meetings. He said to tell you Florida teachers to contact your county Farm Bureau for information on teacher workshops. 

I will be in North Carolina with my mother in October, so I won't be attending the reunion.  I hope you all have a wonderful time! 


Diana Clements Hill

725 Media Terrace

Sebastian, FL  32958

(772) 581-2652



Mickey Byrd:

Hey Guys and Gals,
Have to agree with Betty Ann, this is a great way to catch up. I'll try to keep this brief and interesting. After graduation, at the behest of both my sisters husbands who were already in the National Guard, I joined. I was able to escape Nam and helped protect our Florida beaches from Vietnamese troops that I was sure would be attacking by sea. The residents of Siesta Key were grateful and gave me the key to the.......bathroom at the Phillips 66 gas station, a great place, albeit small, for bathing and changing clothes.

Some people deride me for not going to Nam, but I had my own heart-felt reasons. And I have been proven right. Just look at Bill Moroney-----he came back nearly bald!!!! With my xx-large ears and nose, I would look like a taxi coming down the road with both doors open and a rudder on the hood!

How could I have picked up all the chicks looking like that? Also, some of the guys never made it back to Sebring-----they're stuck in places like (oh, hell no) North Dakota and LaBelle. I don't do snow and I can't grow a cash crop.
Starting in 1969, I worked four and a half years for Winn-Dixie. On Feb. 3, 74, I started my career with the Highlands County Ambulance Service.

At that time, it was under the auspices of the Sheriff's office and we wore a deputy-type uniform replete with badge, ugly hat and a .38 police special. In October of 75 we were re-organized under the Board of County Commissioners and have been there ever since. In 2005, I went on what is called the Deferred Retirement Option Plan, whereby my retirement check goes into an account in Tallahassee that will earn interest until December of 2008, at which time I will actually retire. I'm proud to say that after 33 years of being bled on, vomitted on, peed on, having a switch blade knife pulled on, having a .22 rifle drawn on, this 'drop' feature allows me to make the kind of money a circuit judge made 33 years ago, providing he didn't work any overtime. Woohoo!!!!
Okay, here's where it gets serious. In 1976, three months after divorcing my first wife, I met the most wonderful woman. Teri was born in Miami and raised in Belle Glade (pre-invasion). We met when my roommate brought her home for a date, September 14th, around five-fifteen pm, approximately. We never dated anybody else after that, and married December 30th of that year. The rumor was that she was pregnant, and, sure enough, three years later our Michael Allen was born. At six weeks old, he contracted spinal meningitis, eyes rolling back in his head, back arched and projectile vomitting all the way across the bed. A quick trip in an ambulance (irony?) to Orlando and eleven days later he was just fine. He's now 5' 9" 190lbs., has given us Michael Allen, Jr. 11/26/03, and Lily Caroline, 5/24/05, and a great daughter-in-law, Cari (Caroline) Grigsby from Lake Placid. Michael started his own floor cleaning and storm restoration business just before our grandson was born and his quite happy he did.

On 8/30/82, our Matthew was born. Healthy, loud and h-u-n-g-r-y!!! At the age of 12, Matthew was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a tumor formed on the proximal end of his left tibia. Hell on earth does not need to be expounded upon, and it's past time for pity, so I will just say that chemo (started on his 12th birthday), radiation, and bone marrow transplant gave us back our precious, brave, beautiful Matt Byrd. He is now a computer wiz looking for a job that can challenge him and force him to use the limits of his knowledge. Everywhere I go, it seems, people ask me if I'm related to Matt. For years, the other paramedics put up with "Do you work with Mickey Byrd?" Now it's, "Are you related to Matt". Both sons live here in Sebring, but Matt and his wife Laci (7/07/07) are talking about moving to New Zealand. Anybody out there working for a major airline? More irony.
In 1968, I lived next door to Laci's mother and her family.

I told you it was serious. Teri just taught her last year of school.

Having taken off for fifteen years to raise our children, she would have to work 'til she's.....uh, a bit older to get her full retirement. My hope now, is, that I will be able to pay her back for the great job she's done as a wife and mother. That's the reason I plan to work til 12/08. Her brother has a beautiful cabin on the side of a mountain in the smokies, and we hope to spend lots of time there (and maybe New Zealand).

Well, I didn't keep it brief, but I hope it wasn't too boring. I know you've heard this before, but I truly feel like the luckiest man in the world. I have a great family........and tennis.
See you soon, I hope,
Mickey Byrd


From Betty Ann Emerson Howald

Hey Guys,
What a great way to catch up with everyone. Can you believe how many
years it has been since we finished high school and made our mark on
the world. We all live in so many places around the country. This is
my 33rd year in Steelville, Missouri, my husband's hometown. We moved
here because he wanted to practice law and partner with a local
attorney who would become a mentor and friend. Kent has just finished
20 years as Circuit Judge and is now happy to be back in private

Our youngest son, David, is a Captain in the Army with 101st Airborne
in Clarksville, Tennessee, and he will be leaving for his second
deployment to Iraq sometime around the end of September or first of
October. We can't make plans during that time because we will have to
be at Ft. Campbell when he leaves. His tour of duty is 15 months. He
will be stationed with a patrol base and live in a tent in Baghdad just
south of the Green Zone. He was already in Iraq from September 18,
2005, until September 11, 2006. During that time I didn't sleep most
nights and lost 15 pounds. This is going to be hard and I don't know
if I can make it through 15 months, but I guess I have to. He just
proposed to his girlfriend last May, so he has to go and come back to
get his life back~and for them to get married. We are very proud of
his choice to be in the military. All through high school his dream
was to get an appointment to West Point.

He was fortunate to earn a nomination from then Senator John Ashcroft
and Congresswoman Joanne Emerson. He graduated with the class of 2004
and was personally presented his diploma by Donald Rumsfield (we were
hoping for the President). He has never waivered from his decision to
protect our country.

Jonathan, our oldest son, lives in Orlando and is a research analyst
with Disney World. He and his fiance, Amber, got married on a Disney
Cruise January 14th of this year. This has been a big year for the

This is my 30th year teaching. I have been lucky to not only be a
classroom teacher, but school counselor, district Special Education
Director, and now the Technology Teacher for the elementary school. It
is awesome to watch kindergarteners write sentences on the computer. I
have way too much fun!!

I hope that the reunion is huge and you all enjoy your time together.
Sorry that I won't be there to see you, but know that I will be
thinking about you. Please keep the troops in your prayers. We have
an awesome military!
Betty Ann Emerson Howald


From Marilyn Masters Caldwell Wescott

Hello to all
I’m certainly enjoying the updates we’ve been receiving from some of classmates. Figured maybe I’d do the same!
After SHS I moved to Winter Haven where I attended and worked at Polk Community College. Met and married my first husband while there followed by a move to Tampa where I finished up at the Univ. of S. Fla. GO BULLS!!! Taught elementary school in Tampa for three years before moving to Clearwater in 1977. I stayed home with my two boys – Mike (now 33) and John (now 31) for a couple of years before going back to teaching in Pinellas Co. After a move from the classroom to central office, I left Pinellas Co. Schools in 1997 went to work with my former boss under the banner of Jim Shipley & Associates, Inc. We are a small organization that does training and consulting in continuous school improvement for districts all over the country. I never dreamed when I was teaching kindergarten that I’d turn into a road warrior with tons of frequent flyer miles and hotel points! Throw a divorce, remarriage and a move to Pennsylvania in 2000 and the last few years have been pretty exciting.

My husband Mark and I live in Harrisburg, PA – 2 hours west of Philadelphia, 3-4 hours east of Pittsburgh. Quite a change for someone born and raised in Sebring, Florida! I do enjoy the seasons – even winter – and the beautiful countryside. I really like being a Bucs fan in Eagles country! I gave up tennis and took up golf when I met Mark and must admit, I’m hooked! I’m not very good but we have lots of fun. I look forward to the time when I can play every day. We have played golf in 15 states since we married in 2001. We’re adding Maryland to the list next Friday and Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama over Thanksgiving week! Both of my boys and their wives live in the Tarpon Springs area and Mark’s daughter Kate and her husband live about 30 minutes from us in York, PA. Despite the distance, we get to spend time with Mike/Nichole and John/Justy quite often – almost as much as we see Kate and her husband Nick. No grandchildren yet but we love ‘em all anyway. We also connect with my brother Dave (Class of ’71) who lives in Montrose, CO on a regular basis.

It sure is great to reconnect with folks from the Class of ‘67. Some of us go WAY back to Mrs. Horton’s Happy Hours!
See you soon! Look for the tall gal with a head of grey hair!
Marilyn Masters Caldwell Wescott


From Chris Cox Brantley / aka Christine

Hi To All Of You!

Time is getting close! I know all of you will have such a good time. Quinton and I will be having just as much fun with our 4 year old granddaughter, Emerson. She is the beautiful little reason we will not be there for the 40th. We take every chance we get to spend time with her.

Tell your sis-in-law I'll be down that way around
22 or 23 of October and
will give her a buzz. Send me your tele and I will buzz you and Milton too.

My number is 919-938-4078

Address: 6 Afton Lane, Smithfield, NC 27577

Again, here's to a great time to all!

Oh how I would love to see you all! I so wish I could be there but will not be able to make it this time around! The next one...Look Out!



From Guy Goolsby

So what has Guy Goolsby been doing the last 40 years? Hmmm, good question. I've been married 32 years to Karen who I met in Miami. We have 1 daughter. I have 2 daughters from a previous marriage. I have 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
I was a park ranger for 2 years out of high school and then became a computer operator for 5 years. Deciding I needed more recreation time, I went to college studying Computer Programming in the hopes of having weekends and holidays off. Strange motivation isn't it.

I've been involved in the Airline and Hotel industry ever since. I've been many things over the years. Besides programming , I was a manager for several years at Eastern Airlines. When Eastern folded up, I didn't like that my skills had eroded some, so I got out of management and became a Systems Engineer for the Holiday Inn Corporation (now known as the Intercontinental Hotels Group). With Eastern folding up, it required us to move to the Atlanta area where we still are. Now the work list is pretty short, but to list all the things I've done recreationally over the years would be a lot harder. Some of the stranger things....I took up Inline Speed Skating at 45 and joined a speed team . I skated in the 39 mile cross-country race from Athens to Dacula for 7 years in a row along with many other races. I did this until the age of 52 when I broke my leg and my wife forced my retirement from competitive skating. So, what exactly does retire mean? To me it means to find another activity.

I took up Action Pistol competition where shooting on the move and from different locations and behind various 'cover' like walls and barricades is a part of a course of fire. That I'm still doing. I have a wife that I believe is really an angel sent here to watch over me, and a good job and a happy life. My health could be better though.
I've thought of many of my Sebring classmates many times over the years, wondering how everyone was and what they were doing. There are a few of you that I wasn't really close to that I've had flashbacks of numerous times over the years. I'm not sure why those people stood out to me.


From Charlotte Victor Belk

More...on October 1...

hello everyone,
I sure am going to miss seeing you this weekend! I hope you all enjoy catching up on the last forty years, what a hoot. chris and i visit and talk to each other often. as you know we are joined at the hip. it is a wonderful thing to have kept in touch with a dear friend for all these years. it is quite ironic we both ended up with the same initials in our married names, chris brantely and charlotte belk--cb, cb. we both had one child, both boys. i just love her.

my son is a psychologist and practices here in savannah. no grands yet.

tell the camera man to take lot of pictures and post them so those of us that are not able to be there can share in the fun

post party. if any of you are ever in the savannah area, please call me and lets get together. 912-927-6229.

chow bella
charlotte victor belk

hello everyone,

it's been a long time!!!! i am so sorry that i have to miss our 40th. i hope that if any of you guys are ever in savannah, ga that you will look us up. we would love to see ya.  best wishes and have one for me!

charlotte victor belk


From Leslie Pollard Kozloski

We moved to Newnan in 1994 about a year after my ex-husband moved here.  It was too hard on my girls not being able to see both of us every other day (almost) like they did when we lived in the same neighborhood in Kissimmee.  We found out that Publix was building their first store in Newnan so my husband, Leo, told his supervisor he would like to make a move and they said okay.  Now, for the past 6 or 7 years, he supervises the meat department in 30 something stores in the Atlanta area. 

I have two girls, Staci (24) and Kelli (22).  They both recently graduated from the University of Georgia and are busy seeking jobs where they’ll be happy and make enough money to support themselves.  They both have jobs now, and Staci was recently promoted to asst. manager at hers, so they’re doing okay and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.   


Leo, has two sons, and they have three children between them, so I am getting experience being a grandmother with them, even though we don’t see them often.  They are coming, however, for a visit this weekend and next, but not together. 

I’ve been a legal assistant with the same law firm here in Newnan for the past 13 years—the lawyer I work with handles divorces and other family law matters.  While in Florida, I worked as a legal secretary with the Public Defender’s office in Lake County, Orange County and then Osceola County (wherever we lived at the time).  I loved the criminal cases, but let me tell you, family law cases are just as interesting. 


(I mentioned that Mot and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Blue Ridge, GA…gt) Blue Ridge is beautiful, isn’t it?  My sister, Margaret, passed away in 1995 and her husband buried her ashes on the side of a mountain by a creek/river behind a cabin that is owned by their preacher and friend, Eugene Bengston.  They would vacation there many summers, and we would drive up and see them.  I haven’t been there in a while—need to go check on her.  We love the change of seasons here in north Georgia.  The colors in the spring and fall are just gorgeous, and a few times it has snowed. 

Do you still have horses?  I remember you loved them. 

That’s about it—gotta run—see you soon!


 Leslie Kozloski

Wood, Odom & Edge, P.A.

P. O. Box 1608

Newnan, Georgia 30264



From Dawn Putnam Larson

Name:                   Dawn Y. Larson  (formerly Putnam)

Mailing Address:    52 Scandia Rd., RD#1 

                            Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Phone #:  973-691-8644     Email:

A little of my "history" since graduation


After graduation, I attended SFJC for 2 semesters, transferred to Palm Beach JC for a semester

Worked for the Sebring News, Avon Park Sun, and Palm Beach Post (5 years) until I married in 1972 and moved to New Jersey in early 1973.


I was divorced in the 70s and had a second serious relationship of 7 years, but have lived as a "single" since 1983 and am very content being independent. 


I am an active member of my ministry and am an assistant fellowship coordinator to which I dedicate a lot of my time. I have interests in photography, computers, and have a motorcycle drivers license. I started riding "in the dirt", but I haven't ridden off-road since my knees started to hurt in the mornings in my 40s and haven't had a street bike for about 10 years. Don't seem to find the time to do the maintenance that a motorcycle takes. The longing to ride off with the wind in my hair (metaphorically since there IS a helmet law) on some of these great summer nights is still in my blood, though!


I also am a voracious reader. Mystery fiction mostly, but it varies from English cottage mystery to hard-boiled detective, to historical mysteries. I read every chance I get and listen to books on CD while I drive. Even though I write very little anymore, the written word still gives me great pleasure.


I bought my home in a Scandinavian community called Vasa Park in 1986. Vasa is a Scandinavian cultural organization (you can belong if your - or your spouse's- ancestors are from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland). There are about 85 homes in Vasa Park and there is a cultural center, a bar, a pool, baseball and hockey field, a park for events... a little community where everyone knows everyone else's business... but there is a degree of safety that comes with that so I like it here.


NJ is, however, a very expensive place to live. Housing and taxes are outrageously high. But we have a little of everything from small mountains, rolling hills and dairy farm land, to the ocean (which we refer to as "down the shore"), to the Pine Barrens which is a lot like Georgia. Lots of lakes and streams and good black dirt for growing in the northeastern part where I live. Budd Lake is my town, (Hackettstown is the mailing address) and is about 25 miles from the Delaware Water Gap where Rt. 80 crosses into Pennsylvania. Lots of oak and maple trees and open land, but that has been disappearing with development, just like everywhere else. Even so, I am an hour from Manhattan so culture is available if I want it, as well as the country life.


As a matter of fact, I am heading down to Philadelphia (just across the Delaware River from Camden NJ) to see the "Treasures of King Tutankhamun" exhibit next week before it heads off the London. May be the last time it is in the US while I still have the umph to walk that much in one day. Gotta get a cheese steak in South Philly while I am there, of course.


I used to have a huge vegetable garden and grew all my own produce and kept some chickens for fresh eggs. All I had to buy was meat and bread (my bread-making skills with whole wheat could have put me in business building adobe-brick homes). But having a small farm like that takes up a great amount of time. When I moved into my current home the lot is smaller and too shady to really keep it up. I miss my fresh veggies and eggs, but there are a lot of farmers' market stands in the area and I don't have to spend 4 hours a day weeding, cultivating, picking, canning, cleaning the coop, etc.


On moving to New Jersey, I began working for the Morristown Daily Record as an International Typographical Union printer in March 1973 and have been employed with that same company ever since. Journalism was my "major" in college but the money was in the production department of the newspaper. And I was always too shy to really start out being a reporter on my way to becoming an editor. Yet the printer's ink is still in my blood - instilled in me by Ann Ingle, who taught me English, Journalism and some life-lessons I still carry with me.


At the Daily Record, I have been through two major buyouts as the newspaper went from private ownership, to being purchased by Goodson (of game show fame) and now Gannett. My job description has gone from from pasting up cold-type pages and advertising - to graphic arts and electronic pagination as computers started to become the way to produce a newspaper product. I was the Creative Services manager for a few years before jumping to the Information Technology department about 6 years ago. It certainly isn't the same "job" I started with 34 years ago.


Currently I am the local network administrator but do everything thing from computer hardware repair to server and database management, to our site's intranet design and implementation. It is a small daily newspaper and there is one other person who works with me who deals with the phone system and handles the Macintosh computers (about 30) and I take care of the Windows computers (about 250 desktops, 10 production servers/systems,) plus I am the admin for the  2 Macintosh Xservers and 30 TB of data storage arrays We are part of the Gannett Media organization which owns USA Today and there are 7 newspapers in the group to which we belong here in NE New Jersey - the "mothership" being the Asbury Park Press. With the way technology leaps ahead these days, what I do seems to change daily anymore.


ENOUGH ENOUGH... this is probably more than you wanted to know

Am looking forward to seeing everyone in October. I had set aside the week after Thanksgiving and working out getting the time in October instead is why it took me so long to respond that I was coming

See you then



From Nelia Borrego Monso

Gaylin, it was so good to hear from you. I too think of the Sebring High School days and have always thought of you and remember the time I was at your place. You made me feel so welcome.

My life is pretty good. I retired from the Company I worked for for 35 years on January 1st. I have been doing some traveling with my boyfriend, Greg, who is also retired from the same company. He retired 1 1/2 years ahead of me. We took a cruise to Hawaii in March and went to Fiji in April. My boyfriend's brother owns a home in Fiji and asked us to join them for a couple of weeks. It was great fun.

I have a son, Ivan, who is 37 years old and three grandchildren, Andy (17), Raquel (8) and Sophia (2). They live two hours away from me in Alta Loma, CA and I live in Chula Vista, CA which is 16 miles south of San Diego in a new community called Otay Ranch. My boyfriend lives in Manhattan Beach which is also two hours away. We spend our time at each others homes. He
comes down my way for 4 or 5 days then I go up his way for 4 to 5 days. In between, I spend time with the grandkids and also visiting my brother who is ill at a nursing home in Los Angeles. My mom passed away in 85 her and two sisters followed a month and three years after. I will miss them till the day I die. I still keep in touch with my foster mother, Ruth. My foster dad died about 4 years ago. I saw them in 2000 in West Palm Beach. I haven't been back to Sebring but it has always held a very special place in
my heart.

Gosh, tell me about your life. You don't know how often I think of Sebring and all the friends I left behind. I sent an email to Ruth Oertel but she has not responded. I remember Barbara Bailey, Jan Holcombe, Brenda Dorman (great swimmer), Linda Hughes but don't remember Mickey Byrd. I have seen Mike Glisson and Bill Martin's names in the Classmate list but have not contacted them. Do you know what ever happened to Danny Pogany? Also, how about Barbara Smoak, Marilyn Masters, Jimmy Deck, etc. Have you heard or keep in touch with any of them?

Well I hope you will respond soon. I am anxious to hear from you. Say hello to Melton for me. I remember him well too.


From Linda Hughes Todd

What a pleasure it has been to do this web site for our reunion, and to get to read all the emails coming from our classmates.  I'm sure that Gaylin and the Gang will put on a great party, and we'll have a fun getting to know each other all over again.  I've had an fairly ordinary life since graduation.  I attended South Florida Community College for a year after graduation, and realized I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do to make a living, and I was wasting my daddy's hard earned money.  So I moved to Ft. Meyers for a couple of years and worked for the telephone company, got married and moved to Atlanta.  I worked at The Coca-Cola Company full time and went to Georgia Tech part time.  We moved back to Florida for a couple of years (stayed with Coke), then returned to Atlanta, tried my hand at banking, had a baby boy, went back to college (again!), got divorced, remarried to, seriously, the best guy on the planet!  Finally graduated from college with a degree in Business and a major in Economics, and then we had a baby girl, moved to Albany, Georgia for a few years, and now we're in Athens, Georgia.  I know, I know, it's home to the University of Georgia.  But remember, I went to Georgia Tech.  So I do cheer for Florida when they play Georgia. 


As for my family ... Baby number one is now 31 and a doctor who is married to the love of his life (they met at Georgia Tech).  They had a perfect and beautiful baby girl this year, and Josh is doing a cardiology fellowship at UNC/Chapel Hill, NC.  Baby girl Reese, and her mommy, Brynley, are enjoying settling into their new home in Southern Village.  Baby number two is 26, just got married in April to the love of her life (they met while she was a student at High Point University and he was her boss at her part time job).  They are happily settled in Greensboro, NC.  Jenna is an IT help desk supervisor for Volvo IT, and Mark is finance manager for Crown BMW.  My husband, Stuart, is Director of Athletics and Admissions at Athens Academy, an independent, college prep school, where I was director of development for a long time, and from which both kids graduated.  Whew! what a run-on sentence.   I don't think Mrs. Ingle would like that!  I'm running a small web design and hosting company.  That means, it's just me folks!  It also means that I have the freedom to visit the kids and grandbaby and still be at work...have computer and internet connection, will travel! 


My mom and my brother and his family still live in Sebring, so I get back fairly often.  The time with them is usually pretty short, so I don't get to visit with high school buddies ... well except for Brenda Dorman, who moved back a few years ago.  I look forward to a great reunion party...thanks, Gaylin, for all your work putting this together!











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